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Baltimore Summer Kickoff: A look at the first day as top talent, college coaches flock to St. Paul’s School

Sunday, 17th June 2012

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By Tom Peace, Posted 6/17/12

The 3rd annual Baltimore Summer Kickoff lacrosse-recruiting tournament kicked off Saturday at St. Paul’s School.

The event is broken up into two sessions, the first being this weekend and the second is next weekend. Over 40 teams come from all over the country to participate in this top-notch event.

The most important aspect is the number of college coaches (over 150 throughout the weekend) that come and scout the next stars for their respective programs.

Event coordinator and High Point University assistant coach Pat Tracy spoke about what the goal is for the tournament.

“When we started this thing three years ago our goal was to use our contacts and put together the best group of club teams from around the country to make it a great event,” he said. “The emphasis is put on more of the best teams playing against each other so that the college coaches come see the best kids playing against each other.”

On a weekend where several other recruiting camps are being held around the country, the Baltimore Summer Kickoff still had a great turnout of teams and college coaches.

“Getting the best kids out here will bring out the top college coaches,” said Tracy.


With so many teams and games and with all six fields spread out around the St. Paul’s campus, it can be tough to see every team and every game. So the strategy is to go to where the best matchups are and evidently the matchup between Greene Turtle 2014 (Baltimore) and SMS Elite 2014 (Southern Maryland) became one of the best games from day one.

Both teams ended regulation knotted at 2-2, so with two teams waiting to come on to play the next game on the schedule, both coaches from GT 14’ and SMS 14’ decided to settle the score in braveheart fashion, which means only two players on the field and both teams’ goalies, the first one to score out of the two players wins.

So it was Jacob Dunlop (SMS) versus Keegan O’Connor (Greene Turtle). Dunlop won the face and raced his way down field and dodged O’Connor for a shot but it went wide. O’Connor won the possession and he then raced down and after a wide shot and another won possession, O’Connor dodged his way to the cage and fired a shot top shelf and won the game for Greene Turtle 14’ 3-2.

Our Top Ten

1. Nick Wynne, 2013, attack, Glenelg, (POE)
2. James Rainer, 2013, midfield, Calverton, (SMS Elite 2013)
3. Michael Mayer, 2013, defense, St. Paul’s School (POE)
4. Keegan O’Connor, 2014, midfield, Boys’ Latin (Greene Turtle 2014)
5. Sean Lewns, 2013, defense, Fallston (Greene Turtle 2013)
6. Michael Wynne, 2014, attack, Glenleg (Breakers 2014)
7. Travis Wood 2013, St. Paul’s, defense, St. Paul’s (POE)
8. T Moyer, 2014, attack, Boys’ Latin (Greene Turtle 2014)
9. Hil Blaze, 2013, midfield F/O, Mcdonogh (Greene Turtle 2013)
10. Jake Walsh, 2013, attack, Boys’ Latin (Greene Turtle 2013)

Next week

The event will feature 2013 and 2014/2015 All-Star games.


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