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Rosters released for Adrenaline Black Card Showcase Friday at F&M

Thursday, 13th June 2013

Categories Boy's/Men's, Club, Recruiting, Posted 6/13/13

More than 160 of the top players from teams in the National Scholastic Club Lacrosse Association will compete Friday in the 2nd annual Adrenaline Black Card Showcase at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pa.

The players were recommended by their club coaches from the Classes of 2015 and 2016. As one of the Adrenaline Awareness initiatives, all proceeds go to Prostate Cancer Research in the name of lacrosse icon Jack “Blackjack” McGetrick. The long time Bellarmine and Hartford coach lost a long battle to the disease in 2010.adrenaline-black-card

Again, the event is being run at cost and is expected to cost players just $100. Last year the Adrenaline Awareness initiative raised over $2,700 for the great cause, a number that hopefully will be much more significant as awareness continues to be raised.

The event precedes the NSCLA Cup National Championship Saturday and Sunday at F&M.

The rosters are below. Players will broken into the following teams and games will be held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

2013 Adrenaline Black Card Showcase

2015 Division
Inside Lacrosse
Athletes Performance
South Swell

2016 Division

2015 Rosters

Name, Club, Position
Noah Assaraf, West Coast Starz, Midfield
Wyatt Barfoot, Edge, Midfield
Matt Baxter, RoughRiders, Defense
Colin Bosak, Headstrong, Midfield
Patrick, TRUE, Midfield
Massimo Bucci, Road Hawks, Midfield
Garrett Bullet, WCS, LSM
Mike Carluccio, NH Tomahawks, Midfield
Ryan Cerino, Carolina, Attack
Christopher Clifford, TRUE, Midfield
TJ Comizio, Patriot, Midfield
Michael Cropper, Headstrong, Defense
James DeSisto, Laxachussetts, Midfield
Robert Diaz, Leading Edge, Defense
David Dilts, TRUE, Defense
John Duffy, WCS, Midfield
Sammy Edwards, WCS, Midfield
Mikey Ewing, RoughRiders, Attack
Andrew Ford, Patriot, Midfield
Michael Fraser, MadLax, Defense
Dylan Gaines, Crabs, Defense
Cameron Garinger, Leading Edge, Attack
Matthew Gaudet, Edge, Midfield
Clayton Gerber, Crabs, Defense
Sam Gindhart, Headstrong, Goalie
Boone Givens, Road Hawks, Goalie
Jack Griffin, RoughRiders, Defense
Colin Hains, MadLax, Goalie
Troy Hanlon, Patriot, Attack,
William Hudson, Westminster, Goalie
Justin Imperatore, Leading Edge, Goalie
Wesley Janeck, TRUE, Midfield
Hunter Jones, Philly Elite, Attack
Christian Kimball, Road Hawks, Defense
Connor Kirst, Leading Edge, Midfield
Sam Kopf, WCS, Midfield
Adam Kratt, Denver Elite, Defense
Neil Lunsford, WCS, LSM
Ryan Lynch, RoughRiders, Midfield
Ben Macshane, Laxachussetts, Midfield
Keith Mahler, St. Andrew’s, Midfield
Hal Marshall, Headstrong, Defense
Luke Marvin, MadLax, Attack
Clifton Mathis, Carolina, Defense
David McCann, WCS, Goalie
Michael Melillo, Patriot, Defense
Jax Monnin, Carolina, Midfield
Henry James Moreta, LI Express, Midfield
Michael Moriyama, Edge, LSM
Cole Mulligan, St. Andrew’s, Midfield
Michael Nathan, MadLax, Defense
Brent Noseworthy, Edge, Midfield
Matt O’Neal, Laxachussetts, Midfield
Zachary Ornstein, United, Midfield
Ben Paris, WCS, Defense
Andrew Parker, WCS, Defense
Drew Petkevich, Crabs, Midfield
Michael Phelps, Denver Elite, Defense
Jack Pollard, Crabs, Midfield
Tyson Reed, Laxachussetts, Midfield
Kelly Remson, RoughRiders, Defense
Thomas Rigney, MadLax, Defense
Matt Rimol, NH Tomahawks, DEfense
Conner Schulte, WCS, LSM
Peter Scotten, Laxachussetts, Attack,
Gage Sevigny, NH Tomahawks, Midfield
Reed Schaffer, Patriot, Midfield
Jackson Simcox, Leading Edge, Defense
Jeremy (Jamie) Smith, Leading Edge, Defense
Carson Song, Carolina, Midfield
Matt Soran, Denver Elite, Attack
Lucas Spence, Headstrong, Attack
Jacob Stover, Crabs, Goalie
Tyler Sullivan, NH, Tomahawks, Attack
Noah Taylor, Road Hawks, Midfield
Anthony Teixeira, Road Hawks, Attack
Mackenzie Tynan, Denver Elite, Midfield
Michael Vailas, NH Tomahawks, LSM
Mitchell Wales, Edge, Defense
Conor Walters, TRUE, Attack
David Winsor, Denver Elite, Goalie
Joey Lomady, Phillie Elite, Midfielder
Ethan Clemmer, Phillie Elite, Midfielder
Tommy Kane, Phillie Elite, Midfielder
Blake Schoenmeier, Phillie Elite, Midfielder

2016 Division roster

Name, Club, Position
Keith Becker, Phillie Elite, Attackman
Mack Schwartz, Phillie Elite, Defenseman
Pierre Armstrong, Phillie Elite,Attackman
John Cook, Phillie Elite, Defenseman

Matthew Azarela, Laxachussetts, Attack
Scott Barger, WCS, LSM
Harry Bogle, TRUE, Attack
Beau Botkiss, WCS, LSM
Caelahn Bullen, WCS, Goalie
Watson Cheek, Laxachusetts, Midfield
Dinio Cijuste, Patriot, Defense
Ben Coakley, Leading Edge, Attack
Kyle Colella, NH Tomahawks, Midfield
Owen Colwell, Leading Edge, Defense
Aidan Conlin, Edge, Attack
Caleb Costa, WCS, Attack
Colin Courtney, TRUE, Attack
Kyle Curtis, Edge, Attack
Erik DiGirolamo, Headstrong, Defense
Billy Dreyer, Carolina, Goalie
Anthony Droulin, Edge, Defense
Preston Faecher, WCS, Attack
Dalton Follows, Edge, Attack
Christian Ford, WCS, Midfield
Jack Forrest, MadLax, Midfield
Matt Gavin, LI Express, Attack
Anthony George, TRUE, Midfield
Kevin Gill, Leading Edge, Midfield
Ryan Godfrey, Laxachussetts, Midfield
Mitch Gordon, Crabs, Attack
Philip Goss, Laxachussetts, Goalie
Andrew Hadley, NH Tomahawks, Midfield
Kyle Hebert, Edge, Goalie
Josh Hoefner, Headstrong, Attack
Kyle Hyland, TRUE, Midfield
Daniel Isaac, RoughRiders, Midfield
Noah Jessey, MadLax, LSM
Jarret Jones, WCS, Defense
Austin Kendall, Carolina, Midfield
Jack Kielty, Patriot, Defense
Colin Kirst, Leading Edge, Goalie
Kevin Klempner, Patriot, Midfield
Ryan Klose, WCS, Attack
Matthew Leone, RoughRiders, Defense
Jake Lewis, Road Hawks, Attack
George Loring, Crabs, Midfield
Robert Marron, Patriot, Midfield
Joshua Matte, WCS, Goalie
Matthew McAnaney, Road Hawks, Attack
Michael Moore, Rough Riders, Attack
Jackson Morrill, Crabs, Attack
Sam Nadjari, LI Express, Midfield
Brendan O’Neill, Crabs, Midfield
David Parsons, NH Tomahawks, Defense
Luke Pascucci, Laxachussetts, Defense
Reid Patton, RoughRiders, Attack
Marco Peticca, Headstrong, Goalie
Austin Pierce, Leading Edge, Attack
Joseph Pollard, Crabs, Attack
Camden Porta, Carolina, Midfield
Nicholas Prunier, NH Tomahawks, Attack
Zachary Ranta, Road Hawks, Midfield
Cameron Richard, NH Tomahawks, Defense
Kyle Richbourg, MadLax, Midfield
Andrew Robshaw, Patriot, Attack
Daniel Rooney, LI Express, Attack
Tucker Roy, Laxachussetts, Attack
Jakob Sawicki, Carolina, Midfield
Steven Shollenberger, MadLax, Attack
Daniel Simpson, Denver Elite, Defense
Noah Smith, Denver Elite, Midfield
Teddy Strozyk, RoughRiders, Attack
Karl Van Blargan, Headstrong, Midfield
Steve Viola, Headstrong, Defense
Ethan Walker, TRUE, Attack
Reilly Walsh, LI Express, Attack
Derek White, Road Hawks, Midfield
Charlie Winsor, Denver Elite, LSM
Ryan Zimmerman, Road Hawks, Attack


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