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Maryland girls honored as US Lacrosse All-Americans

Friday, 14th June 2013

Categories Girl's/Women's, High school, Posted 6/14/13

US Lacrosse All-American, 2013

First Team

Maggie Kaulius, M (Archbishop Spalding , 2014)
Aislinn Probst, M (Broadneck HS, 2013)
Kelly Reese, M (Severn School, 2013)
Jacky Spalding, A (South River HS, 2013)
Morgan Torggler, M (Severna Park HS, 2013)
Cami Whiteford, M (Severn School, 2013)

Greater Baltimore
Ellie DeGarmo, G (Bryn Mawr School, 2013)
Caroline Federico, G (Maryvale, 2013)
Cece Finney, M (Roland Park Country School, 2014)
Maggie Gallagher, M (C. Milton Wright, 2014)
Alexandra McKay, D (Marriotts Ridge HS, 2013)
Leah Monticello, M (North Harford HS, 2013)
Abby Smucker, M (C. Milton Wright, 2013)
Kate Snouffer, M (Bryn Mawr School, 2013)
Zoe Stukenberg, M (Marriotts Ridge HS, 2013)
Shelby Wells, M (St. Pauls School for Girls, 2013)

Katie Kerrigan, M (James Madison HS, 2014)
Maggie Nantz, M (Leonardtown HS, 2013)
Abby Finkelston, M (Leonardtown HS, 2014)
Meagh Graham, G (Our Lady of Good Counsel HS, 2013)
Caroline Peters, A (Our Lady of Good Counsel HS, 2013)
Kaitlin Luzik, D (Bishop Ireton HS, 2015)
Mary Claire Byrne, A (Connelly School of the Holy Child, 2014)
Hannah Donegan, M (Flint Hill School, 2013)
Gussie Johns, G (St. Stephens & St. Agnes, 2014)
Margaret Tucker, M (St. Stephens & St. Agnes, 2013)
Wyatt Whitley, D (St. Stephens & St. Agnes, 2013)
Sophie Davidson, M (St. Stephens & St. Agnes, 2014)
Besser Dyson, A (St. Stephens & St. Agnes, 2013)
Tess McEvoy, M (Georgetown Visitation, 2013)
Kelly Myers, M (Georgetown Visitation, 2014)
Oliva Cole, G (Bishop Ireton HS, 2014)
Erin Long, G (Langley HS, 2013)

Western Maryland
Sydney Trentzsch, M (Winters Mill HS, 2013)
Colby Unkle, M (Manchester Valley HS, 2013)
Allison Dudley, M (Francis Scott Key HS, 2013)

Honorable Mention

Greater Baltimore
Emily Clark, M (North Harford HS, 2013)
Kaitlan Moynihan, M (C.Milton Wright, 2013)
Taylor Hensh, M (Marriotts Ridge HS, 2014)
Emily Brownawell, A (Oldfields School, 2014)
Elizabeth Haus, M (Notre Dame Prep, 2014)
Samantha Brookhart, M (Mt. Hebron HS, 2013)
Miranda Ibello, M (Maryvale, 2015)

Shea Cassidy, M (Our Lady of Good Counsel HS, 2013)
Samantha Wilson, D (Our Lady of Good Counsel HS, 2013)
Kelly Matthews, M (Bishop Ireton HS, 2015)
Olivia Mikkelson, M (St. Stephens & St. Agnes, 2014)
Maggie Jackson, M (Georgetown Visitation, 2015)
Kristyn Gaines, D (Academy of the Holy Cross, 2014)
Hayley Soutter, M (Langley HS, 2013)

Western Maryland
Katherine Breeze, M (Middletown HS, 2013)


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