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ConnectLAX team recruiting maximizes every player’s recruiting exposure

Thursday, 23rd January 2014

Categories Boy's/Men's, Girl's/Women's, High school, Recruiting, Posted 1/23/14
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ConnectLAX mobile recruiting profiles already put your player info at the fingertips of college coaches, allowing them to evaluate your profile while watching you play.

Now, with the addition of team recruiting, players can further maximize their recruiting exposure by linking to their team’s roster, allowing college coaches to review an entire team’s roster from the sidelines. For example, a coach that may have come to see a midfielder can now find, evaluate and track a defender that also catches their eye. Through each recruit’s profile calendar, coaches can easily follow your team’s schedule and see their prospects again in person.

The Spartans in 300 didn’t defeat the Persians by working alone. They banded together and elevated each other. Team recruiting works much the same way, increasing the recruiting exposure of every player on the team.

Through ConnectLAX, travel and high school coaches can easily track their player’s college preferences, which player’s rank after creating their target list of colleges here:

Travel and high school coaches can sign up their players for as low as $25 per player, which is a one-time fee that covers them through the entire recruiting process and provides access to every college coach. Player’s can also link to multiple team rosters at no extra charge.

College coaches love it because they don’t need to log in to view player profiles.

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