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PASSPORT ALLIANCE (an alliance of like minded elite lacrosse clubs) announces LIBERTY BELL CHALLENGE recruiting tourney, showcase on July 10-12 in Philly

Monday, 5th January 2015

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The Passport Alliance is pleased to announce that it has recently added two very strong lacrosse clubs, bringing this alliance to 11 like minded programs.Liberty-bell-challenge-300x87

The addition of Rock Lacrosse (MD) and Team Carolina (N.C.) brings the alliance to 11 very prominent, well respected clubs that excel with their top players often high on the list of college coaches. Indeed, the top 75 college programs in Division I, II and III frequently boast of players coming from the following Passport Alliance Club programs. The quality of the clubs in this alliance, led by club owners that truly focus on developing their players into high level NCAA college level student-athletes is most impressive.

You need only review current college rosters and you will see where many players are coming from:
Dukes (Philly – Pa region)
CT Chargers (Fairfield County, CT)
Rock Lacrosse (MD)
Team Long Island
Orange Crush (Upstate NY-Syracuse region)
Team Turnpike (NJ)
Evolve Elite (Canada)
Legacy Long Island
Twist (Philly – Pa region)
NJ Riot
Team Carolina (N.C.)passport-Alliance

The Passport Alliance is introducing the Liberty Bell Challenge in Philly during the peak of the college recruiting period, July 10-12, 2015, where selected individuals and Alliance teams will battle in one of the most competitive showcase tournaments ever held in the hotbed of Philly lacrosse. The volume of potential college recruits and committed players all competing in a limited, individual and club team showcase is going to be a small, but highly exciting and competitive boutique event.

The individual showcase will be held on Friday, July 10 and the team showcase will be held Saturday and Sunday July 11 -12th 2015. Many college coaches are expected to attend in hopes of identifying potential roster candidates.

All players are welcome to apply for the individual showcase, even if your club is not attending the Liberty Bell Challenge. To apply for the event, please visit:

There is no doubt that the leading college coaches from around the nation seeking to identify great potential student athletes for their limited roster candidates for their specific program will likely be showing up.

“The Duke’s Lacrosse Club is excited to start the New Year as a part of a special alliance of high school club teams that embody and embrace the true spirit of the sport of lacrosse. It is a group of club teams that will become our extended family who we will compete against each other with class, energy and a special devotion to the sport that has not been seen before.” Ebe Helm, Duke’s LC President.

“The Ct Chargers Lacrosse Club is proud and excited to be part of the newly formed Passport Alliance that will allow our program to be associated with such an outstanding group of club teams. The Liberty Bell Challenge will be the first step in establishing the position and stance of this awesome group of clubs and promises to be one of the top high school club tournaments and individual showcases of the summer.” Jeff Brameier, Founder of Ct Chargers

“Rock’s core philosophy is based on the development of our players while simultaneously providing a level of recruiting exposure that allows our players to be evaluated by NCAA programs. The only way to achieve both is to play in events with the highest level of competition, attended by the top clubs in North America, hosted at a accessible venue, in a setting that allows NCAA programs to effectively and efficiently evaluate our players. As our sport continues to grow the expansion of club lacrosse and tournaments has created numerous challenges. Where do we find the right combination of teams, at the right venue, that will be attended by the by the highest number of college coaches? The Passport Alliance allows Rock Lacrosse to collaborate openly with North America’s top club programs and attend tournaments, like the Liberty Bell Challenge, that provide a level of assurance that eliminates previous unknowns and ensures that Rock will achieve its goals. Rock Lacrosse is proud to be an Alliance member and looks forward to continued collaborative efforts with alliance members to provide tournament experiences that will continue to support the growth and expansion of our great sport.” – Kevin Mayer, Director-Rock Lacrosse
Passport alliance

“We are excited to be part of the first ever Liberty Bell Challenge and to be competing against many of the top club programs in the country. This will not only be a marque event on the summer circuit but also an opportunity for every one of our players to interact on a personal level with the players they are competing against. This is why the Orange Crush joined the Passport Alliance, because of the clubs involved and their like mindedness of how to run their program currently and their future vision. Great people and a Great opportunity.” – Steve Scaramuzzino, Orange Crush

Twist Lacrosse founder Greg Flego, who built his club to sit at the top of one of the hottest lacrosse markets in the nation, and whose performance at countless events has an earned a reputation amongst college coaches, had the following to say: “The Philly market is now as competitive and crowded as the L I, Maryland, and Fairfield County, CT markets. Philly has earned its spot on the national lacrosse radar as a premier “hotbed” of competition. Our Twist players deserve to be not just college players but college stand outs. The Liberty Bell challenge and the Passport Alliance events will give our student athletes that stage. The college coaches know our club well, and will now have the ability to see our players shine in a small, high charged venue.”

“Legacy lacrosse is very excited to be part of the Passport Alliance. The alliance will provide competitive lacrosse, recruiting opportunities and synergistic relationships between many of the top lacrosse clubs in the country. In addition, our alliance creates an unrivaled opportunity within the lacrosse community.” -Tom Zummo, Founder of Legacy LI Lacrosse

“With the boom in the northeast lacrosse pool growing exponentially each year, the need for a top flight, well organized individual and club team showcase has been solved with the formation of the Passport Alliance and its inaugural event, the Liberty Bell Challenge. New Jersey Riot is proud to be included in the arena that exposes our players to high level competition and college coaches in an elite boutique environment.” Lee Southren, Founder of NJ Riot

“Team Turnpike is now entering its 12th summer of Elite competition and we can not be more excited then to work with our fellow Alliance members to provide our families with a first class experience the Liberty Bell Challenge will provide! With the landscape of summer lacrosse ever changing the Alliance will put our Turnpike members ahead of all other club programs outside of the Alliance! Great competition, great recruiting opportunities!” – Kerry Weigner, Co-Founder of Team Turnpike

“Evolve Elite Lacrosse Canada was created to support the development and evolution of Canadian lacrosse athletes. Canadian players continue to make an impact at the NCAA level and more are dreaming of playing in the NCAA. With opportunity, comes success. Evolve Elite Lacrosse is proud to be a part of the Passport Alliance which will allow Evolve Elite Canada to promote Canadian players at highly recruited events. Such platforms will allow Evolve athletes to showcase against some of the best competition in North America and in front of a vast number of NCAA coaches, so such dreams become realities.” – Tracey Kelutsky, Founder of Evolve Elite in Canada

“Team Long Island Lacrosse has been attending high level elite lacrosse tournaments for the last 20 years. During those 20 years we have enjoyed relationships with many like clubs that have had the same goals and standards as our club. However, as the years have gone by and many new clubs have been formed it has become more difficult to find tournaments that consist of teams with the same standards and qualities that Team Long Island has enjoyed over its tenure. The forming of the Passport Alliance and joining forces with the other 10 clubs who all share the same goals and standards will insure that we will once again be surrounded by the best talent in the country and be provided with high level competition and venues that will allow our members to showcase their talents while providing the college coaches a venue that will be second to none. Team Long Island Lacrosse is proud to be a member of the Passport Alliance.” – Mike Gongas, President and Founder of Team Long Island Lacrosse

Michael Desmond, director of Team Carolina has expressed that “Team Carolina’s focus has long been to give the top players in our region the opportunity to play together against the best competition. In order to play the top clubs we have the added expense of traveling to the Northeast 4 to 5 times each summer. With the almost daily changes to the lacrosse tournament scene, it is becoming more and more difficult to find valuable events for our players and their families. The Passport Alliance teams and the Liberty Bell Challenge competition is the perfect fit for the Team Carolina mission.”

“Ten-plus years ago, the club business barely existed and the tournaments combined A, B, and C level talent. Today, the club business is large and very diverse and the volume of types of tournaments and quality of attendees varies greatly, which makes selecting which to attend much more complicated. Limited boutique events that allow the top clubs to compete at the highest level will allow players to get great exposure to college coaches when they showcase their abilities against equally top competition. The Passport Alliance gathers like minded clubs and the Liberty Bell Challenge will be the first venue which is expected to be very exciting.” – Ryan Nizolek, Former UVA standout, HS AA, former professional player in the MLL, and Executive with the Passport Alliance.

We may be adding 1 to 3 additional club teams that are a good fit for both the Liberty Bell Challenge and the Passport Alliance.

For any further information regarding the Passport Alliance or the Liberty Bell Challenge, please reach out to Ryan Nizolek at


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