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.@Nat_175 Fall and Summer showcases launch application process

Friday, 4th September 2015

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Link to apply for Summer 175 Showcase:
Link to apply for Fall 175 Showcase:​

National 175 is pleased to open up the application process for its fall and summer of 2016 175 showcases. As National 175 heads into its fifth year, it would like to highlight what it has delivered. Introduced in Fall of 2011, National 175 began gaining regional interest for the summer 2012 inaugural event TO BE RUN IN the Summer of 2012. The results for our inaugural event were the following:

-The event had players attend from over 50 different high schools and club programs and from over 10 states. While this was an impressive first year, the momentum of interest spread due to the experience players had while attending.

-The 2013 event had players register from over 75 different club programs and high schools and from over 15 different states.

-The 2014 event had players register from over 100 different club programs and high schools and from over 20 different states and Canada.

-And, this past summer, the 2015 event had players register from over 120 different club programs and high schools and from over 25 states and Canada.

Truly a national event. ​

From the launch of this flagship event, National 175 has generated more and more demand and we believe this is due to the quality of players that attend and the quality of the colleges that are actually show up and are represented.

Our strongest affirmation if this is worth attending is asking players that have. Indeed, the list of players that attend and end up playing in college is extremely impressive so the events certainly attract the top players.

TODAY, National 175 directors are opening the application period to all players to apply for a spot. As they have historically done, WE EXPECT TO HAVE ONLY 175 players per grad year deemed suitable to showcase in front of college coaches.

Breaking this down a bit, we generally focus on taking only 170-180 players and optimally 175 players broken down:

16 goalies
40 attackmen
44-50 middies
40 defensemen
16 LSM
16 FOGOs

Total = 175 est per grad year ​

When position spots fill, players that apply but not offered spots or do not register are placed onto the waitlist.

In the past 4 years, we have opened application process in September and sent out invites beginning in November. Due to the demand and existing interest already, we are planning to move up the invites announcement to early October and in players that we deem compelling, invites may get sent out earlier.

In short, you have choices. The summer recruiting process is very busy. These college coaches cannot physically be everywhere. The National 175 event is worth applying for a spot if you seek to play in college. If you receive a coveted invite, and you seriously want to be recruited, this event is certainly worth attending. Based on the past four years, national 175’s fifth year in the summer of 2016 is expected to be another highly coveted event.

Both the fall and summer showcases are now open for applications.

The invites for the fall event will be sent out beginning September 10th.
The invites for the summer showcase will be sent out beginning October 10th.




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