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.@EpochLax unveils Gen.6 Dragonfly, engineered to kick up your game

Friday, 25th September 2015

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From Press Release

Epoch Lacrosse today unveiled its Gen.6 Dragonfly shafts – featuring revolutionary new designs and cutting edge technology. The Gen.6 Dragonfly introduces Epoch’s technology engineered to maintain the shape of the shaft and maximize the transference of energy to the head referred to as torque box.Gen 6 2

The Gen.6 Dragonfly shafts are available in multiple shapes and flex profiles, ranging from a mid flex (iQ5) to a soft flex (iQ9). All Gen.6 Dragonfly shafts also include Epoch’s exlusive Uniform Release Technology (Kick-Point). The Gen.6 Dragonfly is now available at authorized Epoch Lacrosse dealers nationwide. Visit to learn more the Gen.6 Dragonfly and see more detailed images.

“We pushed our engineers harder than ever before,” said James Miceli, Principal of Epoch Lacrosse. “The jump in technology from our Gen.5 to Gen.6 Dragonfly is the greatest increase in shaft technology we have ever released. With the introduction of our new technology to layer carbon fiber called torque box, we continue to distance ourselves from conventional shaft technology and remain generations ahead of our competitors.”

By understanding the dynamics and forces present in lacrosse, Epoch engineered torque box technology to maintain the continuity of the shaft’s geometry and maximize energy transfer to the head during a pass or shot.

Click here for a video on the Gen.6 Dragonfly

Epoch developed Gen.6 featuring a non-uniform composite layup with variations along the length of the shaft. This technology creates a torque box and is designed to control and minimize ovalization or deformation of the shaft walls.

-Why does Epoch care about ovalization and deformation?gen 6
Ovalization of the shaft walls can occur during a shot and is lost energy that does not get transferred to the shooting motion. By optimizing the layup, the shaft can more efficiently transfer energy, reducing this lost energy.

Most failures are a result of the shaft walls crushing or deforming under impact (same for alloy and composites). By optimizing the layup, Epoch can reduce this wall crushing/ovalization.

Where is the technology?
The key to the Epoch Dragonfly is their Advanced Carbon Layering (ACL). The Dragonfly consists of very thin composite layers arranged in many different orientations. The torque box is located deep in the layup and involves a few specific changes to critical layers. Layers can be as thin as a few sheets of paper so it’s nearly impossible to see with the naked eye.

The torque box is specifically centered on the key areas along the length of the shaft, just above the bottom hand and just below the top of the shaft. This places the technology in critical areas between and around the hands to create an optimal effect.

Epoch found that by increasing the strength through the center of the shaft, it could reduce the weight near the ends resulting in one of the lightest shafts on the market.

“The carbon fiber shaft category is one the fastest growing categories in the lacrosse equipment world and we are proud to have the top selling shaft at the premiere retailers across the country,” said Miceli. “It is really interesting to think that the next generation of lacrosse players will probably never play with an alloy shaft once they reach middle school or high school. Carbon fiber is quickly becoming the material of choice for players at all levels. We are very excited about the launch of our Gen.6 Dragonfly shafts and once again through the introduction of new technology we feel that we have reinvented the lacrosse shaft.”

“Kick” Your Game Up
Epoch Uniform Release technology is designed to maximize shaft performance by creating a natural kick-point or flex point just above your top hand, when shooting and passing.

About Epoch Lacrosse

Epoch Lacrosse delivers the finest manufactured lacrosse equipment designed to increase playability and maximize performance by utilizing world-class materials and manufacturing techniques. Epoch tests and re-tests each of its designs to ensure optimal durability, playability and performance. Epoch’s goal is simple, to give players every opportunity to reach their true potential. Live. Play. Be.

Visit to learn more about Epoch Lacrosse and its products.


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